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Patrixia – Twitch Character Animation

Patrixia is a Chicago-based electronic and alternative dance music DJ. We have known each other for years, but we never had a chance to really work together and collaborate. In between leaving a full-time position and moving into freelance, I had some downtime to do some training and take on passion projects I didn’t have time for previously. Patrixia approached me with a short creative brief, explaining her vision (yes, this included the underpants and space-cow). The initial sketches I produced were done on paper and scanned really crudely using my cel phone (just for reference):

From there, I brought these rough references into Photoshop, and inked them using an XP-Pen tablet:

The Patrixia character was illustrated separately in Illustrator, to maintain the ability to edit the vectors in After Effects.

From there, I animated the Sweat using Timelord by Battleaxe in Photoshop:

The drips on the planets were created similarly, and the train was actually created in Blender:

Finally, all of this came together to create the final animation: