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All Together Now: Sound × Design Show Opening

Bill “Netherlands” Holland poses with several commissioned posters at the Design Museum of Chicago

If you saw my previous blog post about the All Together Now: Sound x Design show at The Design Museum of Chicago, then you  are probably wondering how the show went down. I managed to drive down from Milwaukee the day of the show, with several friends and family members. It felt good to have my work in a gallery space again (my first time in two decades). The work on display ranged from incredible metal sculptures to classic photography of the band Ministry to interactive sound installations. Submitting small works, such as posters, to a multimedia show is always tricky, because you don’t want your work to get lost in the shuffle of the bigger pieces. However, the museum really did an amazing job of installing and showcasing my work. I had great conversations with other artists and their friends about the posters, the background, and the meanings of some of the imagery. Overall, it was a great experience, and I look forward to submitting illustration work again now that I’m comfortable with the process.