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‘You Don’t Know Glitch’

Poster Designs


These posters were designed for a club night in Chicago thrown by the Electroswing DJ and Sideshow performer/MC Vourteque, performance artist Ray Gunn, and several other musicians, DJs, and performance artists in Chicago. I agreed to take on the design of the stage elements and posters on the condition that we could attempt a cohesive design between all elements surrounding the night. The result were blacklight inked set pieces that corresponded to the themes and characters in my posters, which you can see below. The visual concept surrounded Anthropomorphic animals that are living in a post-human, post-apocalyptic landscape. They throw concerts and parties amidst the industrial and nuclear waste left behind by humans. The ideas kept evolving from there, expanding to a radioactive haze that causes strange glitches in space and time, friendly ghosts, and a cult of feral cats.