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Knowledge Owl – Owl Mascots

After working on a handful of headshots for the company, Knowledge Owl requested that I illustrate multiple owl mascots for use on their website. My approach was to try and mimic what the previous artist (and myself) had already done with some of their assets. All of these images were sketched by hand and then inked in Photoshop. My approach was a mix of cartoon and realistic. I’m not adept at photorealism, so I tend to lean into stylized approaches when evoking reality, focusing more on exaggerating attitudes or gestures, as we do in animation. The background colors are from my own custom palette, loosely based on their brand colors, but slightly more saturated, to make them pop on social media, for my own use. The original deliverables were transparent BG png files, so I thought a little color would improve the presentation on this site.