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Mr. Automatic – Squash and Stretch

The debut Neo-Vintage release on Dead 2 Me Records from Chicago’s Mr. Automatic is an eclectic offering spawned from the popular Rouge Electro Swing parties in Chicago and Detroit. While the Rouge sound began as purely Electro Swing, it eventually evolved to included a wider range of vintage and retro influences, including classic blues, soul, rockabilly, bebop, and garage rock. That range of influence is evident in this recording, as are more contemporary influences, from Chillwave to Nu Disco to UK Glitch Funk sounds. The EP features special guest performances by Carey Rayburn of Good Co., vocalist Nisha, Trumpet players Tim Harrison, Jim Keen, and percussionist onefiftyone of Square Frames with a remix by UK Glitch Funk producer Mr. Biggz.
released April 25, 2017

Music written by: Bill Holland, Nisha, Carey Rayburn, Jim Keen, Tim Harrison
Lyrics by: Nisha

Nisha: Vocals (Deadweight)
Carey Rayburn: Trumpet (Squash and Stretch)
Tim Harrison: Trumpet (Rothbury)
Jim Keen: Trumpet (Deadweight)
onefiftyone: Rototoms (Rothbury)

Mastering: Grayson Elliot Taylor
all rights reserved

Listen now: