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American Dental Association:

Night of the Tooth Terrors

The Night of the Tooth Terrors is a short Halloween PSA I created for the ADA about the dangers of sticky candy treats that many children will receive while trick-or-treating. Without being preachy, it points out that taffys, gummy worms, suckers, and candy corn are all treats that can easily get stuck in and between your teeth. The call to action reminds kids to brush their teeth after eating all of that Halloween Candy. The animation itself was primarily done in After Effects, with all assets designed from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. The tooth character was animated using the DUIK plugin, and the monsters were all animated using native AE tools including puppet pins. I did use DUIK to creat bone nulls in moving, for example, the mouth of the candy corn. The bats were animated as a flying cycle in Adobe Animate, and then that animation was use as a particle with Trapcode particular. I also created the sound design, primarily drawing from the Adobe sound effects collection as well as some custom recorded sounds. All of the audio was mixed in Adobe Audition and then brought back to Adobe After Effects for export.